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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Does Dylan's 'Nashville Skyline' "Flat Out Suck" ?

No. But this Guardian article certainly does:,,2280663,00.html

Just to take one paragraph to illustrate the article's idiocies:

Bob Dylan's surprise 1969 hit, the beloved, atypically mawkish ballad Lay Lady Lay was recorded in February of that year, just a few weeks after Richard Milhous Nixon was sworn in as president of the United States. Only a fool would believe that the two events are unconnected.

Ok, I suppose that last sentence is tongue in cheek, but describing "Lay, Lady, Lay" as mawkish is lazy writing.

And the last sentence of the article is cowardly, hedge-your-bets, non-committal writing:

"One can even say without fear of contradiction that some felt that the album flat-out sucked."

But what do you think of it, Mr Guardian Writer?

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