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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Bullingdon Conservatives Trash Talk the UK Economy

An Ipsos Mori opinion poll puts Labour just three points behind the New Tories, which of course makes it a statistical dead heat.

While Gordon Brown, the victim of so much yah-boo derision over the past 12 months, has emerged as virtually the savour of the European economy, the Tories' collection of ex-Etonian hooray-henries has been exposed as weak, opportunistic, and out of their depth. In particular, the reputation of 'Boy' George Osborne will possibly never recover. His attempt to discredit Peter Mandelson over the "Deripaska yacht" affair backfired spectacularly (how silly to try to out-Mandy Mandy in the black arts!), and his latest irresponsible talk about the economy is likely to provoke a run on the pound and will be viewed very dimly in the City (he and his other fellow graduates from Eton's notorious Bullingdon Club have been trash-talking the UK economy in the way they allegedly used to trash restaurants, totally without regard for the consequences for other people, secure in their own unearned wealth).

In short, the dangers of Britain sleepwalking into Bullingdon Conservatism* have somewhat receded. We just need Boris to make a complete chump of himself now; so give it a couple of months tops, then.

*Please feel free to chuck this phrase around liberally. I don't know if it's my own coinage, but I'm trying to give it currency as a counterpart to the long-standing "Bolinger socialist".


Anonymous said...

dear ragged,

i think you'll find that 'boy george' (!) has been trying to talk UP the pound, warning importantly about the dangers that the bank of england's laissez-faire massaging-down of the exchange rate could get out of hand. a vital consideration when you want rich foreigners to buy billions worth of gilts to rescue your banks. this isn't a party-political point, since the bank of england is supposedly independent. what IS party political is brown throwing that accusation about. mind you, everything he's been doing has been totally party political, particularly his 'it's all america's fault, nothing to do with me, gov' act. pathetic. it's completely wrong-footed the tories though and simultaneously conned most of the public, i have to give you that!

raggedclown said...

Thank you 'anonymous'! I wonder who that can be...

Actually, as I am currently paid in dollars, I'm pretty glad the way the pound is taking a tumbling. Who knows, our manufacturing industry might even rise from the grave...