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Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Pet Goat -- the Reviews Deleted by Amazon

News that President-elect Barack Obama has been reading Derek Walcott's Collected Poems 1948-1984 (it's apparently the book he's holding in the picture) reminds me that outgoing President George W. Bush will soon finally have an opportunity to finish reading The Pet Goat, the story (often erroneously referred to as My Pet Goat) in a children's book he spent so much time immersed in on September 11, 2001.

The book prominently sold out, and inspired lots of satirical reviews on, which has since deleted them.

But of course, on the Internet, nothing really disappears
, so here are some of those reviews:

It's out of work and back to school for Dumbfuck!


imsmall said...


The president may allocate
His time so as he chooses--
However, let me plainly state
That when a man peruses

A reader meant for grammar school
Before a bunch of tots,
He acts more than a simple fool--
Reciting childish plots.

O, President-elect Obama
I pray you do not waste
Your office reading kiddie drama--
One´s precious time misplaced.

There´s no reason that little brats
Ought see the president:
But on affairs of state, now that´s
How your time ought be spent.

It is no good to play the clown
A-reading Jack and Jill:
Not London bridges falling down
When towers take a spill.

It is a serious enterprise
And most important task:
As president, sir, please act wise
And grownup-like, I ask.

Kiddies don´t need that much attention
From such an office-holder,
Fate of the free world--should I mention?--
Is resting on your shoulder.


raggedclown said...

That's a clever little ditty, there, imsmall. Thanks for posting it on my blog. I feel honoured!